At a Glance view

Initial View:

When the Jira project is mapped to the Bitbucket repositories and Sonar Projects, the screen has all the charts for your current sprint or the last 30 days if you don's use sprints in Jira. Please see the view below.

You can pick the sprint or iteration from the searchable drop down and see your project data for Stories & Defects from Jira, Commits and Pull Requests from Git, Builds and Deployment from Bitbucket Pipelines, and Code Quality and Test Coverage data from Sonar.

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Searchable project drop down:

The searchable drop down can be used to search for any project in the Jira instance. When you pick the project, the system will attempt to default the data to the latest sprint or the last 30 days of work.

At a Glance bar:

The Blue bar on top displays key data statistics from Jira, Git, Bitbucket Pipleines and Sonar.

If you experience any problems, or you have any questions, contact Support.